Endocrine Glands

  1. Which is the largest gland in human body?
  2. Pituitary gland is situated in the _.
  3. Bilobed endocrine glands in human are thyroid and __.
  4. Endocrine glands are also known as __
  5. Which endocrine gland disappears during old age?
  6. Which gland is called as tear gland?
  7. Which is endocrine gland is known as master switchboard?
  8. Which is the largest endocrine gland in human body?
  9. Which is the smallest endocrine gland in human body?
    10.The hormone that stimulates milk ejection?
    11.Which endocrine gland regulates the body temperature?
    12.Lactational hormone release from the _

condition in which somatotropin increases after growth phase.
14.Which endocrine gland act as both exocrine and endocrine gland?
15.Largest organ in human body?
16.Which hormone is also called as youth hormone?
17.Which endocrine gland is found in our neck?
18.During excitement, which hormone is released in higher amount?
19.Which is the hormone secreted by testes?
20.Which hormone is known as emergency hormone?
21.Which endocrine gland secretes growth hormone?
22.Goiter disease is due to the deficiency of which element?
23.ACTH is released from which endocrine gland?
24.Diabetes mellitus occur due to the less production of which hormone?
25.The hormone which secretes milk in a mother ?
26.Which endocrine gland is also known as master gland?
27.The disease which has the symptoms like dwarfism and mental retardation?
28.Blood pressure is controlled by which gland?
29.Hormones are directly secreted into the _.
30.The endocrine gland which is known as biological clock?

31.Butterfly shaped endocrine gland?
32.Which endocrine gland is related with the excitement of the body?
33.Which gland has both endocrine and exocrine function?
34.The hormone which reduces inflammation and is sometimes used to reduce
pain and inflammation in arthritic joints is _ 35.Which hormone stimulates thyroid gland? 36.Which endocrine gland is involved in the immune response?

37.The blood sodium level is regulated by the secretion of .
38.It is the condition in which the production of thyroxin becomes low.
39.Which endocrine gland secrete hormones responsible for fight or flight
mechanism in our body?
40.The term hormone was introduced by . 41.Name the first discovered hormone. 42.Which endocrine gland controls blood pressure?

43.Chemical signals released by an organism that influence the behavior of other individuals of the same species are called
44.During growth phase, release of too much growth hormone can lead to 45.Adrenocorticotropic hormone stimulates the adrenal cortex to produce .
46.An enlarged thyroid is the result of deficiency of .
47.The hormone known to participate in metabolism of calcium and phosphorus
is .

48.The most abundant cell type in the Islets of Langerhans is .
49.In adults, hypothyroidism causes a disease known as .

50.Hormones released from thyroid gland are and __.

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