Important Questions of SSLC Social science: Revolution that influenced the world

1.Who done the division of powers of the government into legislature, executive,and judiciary

(Voltaire, Montesquieu,Rousseau, Louis XVI)

Key• Montesquieu

2.Which party was formed in Russia and later split into two groups to solve theplight of workers?

Key• Social Democratic Workers Party

3.How did the British use the American colonies for economic benefit?

Key• A centre for collecting raw materials and a market for selling products

4.“When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold” Explain the results ofthe French Revolution based on this statement.


• stimulated all the later revolutions in the world

• Ended the feudal system in Europe

• proclaimed that the nation is not merely a region but the people

• contributed the concept of people’s sovereignty to mankind

• The emergence of nationalism

• Growth of middle class threatened the autocratic rulers

Why did the Bolsheviks oppose the Provisional Government in Russia afterthe February Revolution?

Key• Didn’t withdraw from World War I• Problems in Russia could not be solved

7.Why did European countries unite against Napoleon?

Key• European countries feared that Napoleon’s reforms, based on the Frenchrevolutions, would spread throughout Europe

8.Explain the circumstances in which the French people who revolted againstautocracy were again subjected to autocracy.

Key• Fall of the Bastille Prison – National Assembly – Declaration of Human Rights- Performance of Women – The National Convention – Republic – – Rise ofNapoleon

9.How did the American War of Independence aggravate the financial crisis inFrance?

KeyThe financial and military assistance given to American colonies by the Frenchrulers aggravated the financial crisis in France

How did the ideas of John Locke and Thomas Paine contribute to the AmericanWar of independence ?

Key• John Locke – Everyone has some fundamental rights. No government has theright to suspend them.• Thomas Paine -There is something absurd, in supposing a continent (NorthAmerica) by a foreign power (England).be perpetually governed• Their ideas stimulated the American people to fight against Britain.

12.What are all the reason for the emergence of the Enlightenment in Europe?

How this Enlightenment inspired the various revolutions?

13.Choose the correct answer from the brackets for the questions given below.

1)Which person is not related with the Latin American Revolution?

(Francisco Miranda,Maximgorky and Jose San Martin,Simon Bolivar,)

2)‘A man is born free but everywhere he is in chains’. Who comments this statement?

(Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltair,Louis XIV)

3)Who was the leader who prepared American Constitution?

(Thomas Paine, John Locke, George Washington, James Madison)

4) “Bloody Sunday”is related with revolution of ?

(United States, France, Russia, China)

Explain the impact that Napoleon’s reforms on the ideas put forward by theFrench Revolution.

19.What are the influences made by the French Revolution in the later history of the world?

According to which treaty the independence of the 13 colonies was recognized?

4.Which year the war between England and the American colony end?

5.What were the results of the American Revolution?

6.What was the slogan chanted in the American colonies? Who designed it?

7.Explain the factors that led to the American War of Independence on thefollowing hints

●Mercantilist laws•Continental congress

Write a short note on the division of French society

3.Write the circumstances which led to the ‘Tennis Court Oath’

4.Describe the results of French revolution.

5.Give short note on the administrative reforms of Napoleon

6.which war Napoleon was defeated?

7.Explain the French revolution based on the following points.*French society *French Thinkers & their ideologies

What were the reasons for Russian society to turn against the emperors?

3.To what extent did the ideas of Karl Max and Engels influence the RussianRevolution?

4.What is mean by bloody Sunday?

5.Comparison of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks activities.?

6.What are all the demands of the Bolsheviks during World War I?

7.Compare the February Revolution and the October Revolution?

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