Important Questions from Kerala towards modernity

Who fought in the battle of Kolachel in 1741?

An: Dutch and Marthandavarma

2.Name the Englishmen who made trade agreement with Zamorinof Calicut in 1615 An:Captain William Keeling

3.Which is the first organized revolt held against the British inkerala?

An: Attingal Revolt

4.According to which treaty did Malabar came under the Britishcontrol? An:Sreerangapattanam Treaty of 1792

5.Name the ruler of Travancore who made Kundara proclamationof 1809 An: Veluthampi Dalawa

6.Name the Englishmen who started a coir factory at AlappuzhaAn:James Dara from Ireland

7.Which is the first private bank of kerala?An: Nedungadi bank

8.Whopublished the first Malayalam Newspaper Rajyasamacharam?

An: Herman Gundert

9.Name the women ruler of Travancore who made proclamationof free primary education in 1817

An:Gauri Parvathy Bhai

10.Name the ruler who forced to permit the Channar women towear jackets in 1859? An:Uthram Thirunal Maharaja

11.Name the leader of Vaikom satyagrahaAn: T.K.Madhavan

12.In what name is Veluthampi’s call for armed fight against theBritish known? An: Kundara proclamation

13.The implementation of which act gave limited right over theland of tenants in Malabar? An:The Malabar Tenant’s Act of 1929

14.Which Congress session passed the resolution demanding theformation of the Kerala state after independence? An:Payyannur Congress session

15.Which book of E.M.S.Namboodirippadu putforward the ideaof the formation of Kerala including Malayalam speaking language

An: Onnekal kodi malayalikal

16.Who organized Savarna jatha in relation with Vaikomsatyagraha? An: Mannath Pathmanabhan

17.Who was the volunteer captain of Guruvayur Satyagraha?An: A.K.Gopalan

18.Name the leader who callously attacked in Guruvayursatyagraha An: P.Krishna pillai

19.Name the persons who were accussed for conspiring to destroythe Feroke Bridge during quit india movement of Kerala? An: K.B.Menon and Kunjiramakkidavu

20.Who organized Malayali Memorial?An: Barrister G.P.Pillai

21.Who was the leader of Ezhava Memorial?An: Dr.Palpu

22.Name the leaders of Abstention Movement ( NivarthanaPrakshobham) An: N.V.Joseph.C.Keshavan and P.K. Kunju

23.Name the Protest held in 1946 against the administrativereforms of Diwan sir C.P.Ramaswami Iyer

Ans:punnapra-vayalar protest

Courtesy:Haseena vkd

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