Important Questions of sslc social science:chapter-season&time

Who among the children from Delhi,Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai,can firstsee the rising sun?

• Kolkata

2.Which season is experienced in the northern hemisphere when sun apparentlyshifts from tropic of cancer to the equator?

a. Spring b. Summer c. Autumn d. Winters


3.Where is the position of the sun on following days.a: September 23rdb: June 21

Hints:a. Equatorb. Tropic of cancer

4.The plants sprouting, Mango trees blooming and Jackfruit trees bearing buds.In which season do these usually occur?

Hint- Springtime

5.The international date line is not a straight line . Why?

• There is a 24-hour time difference between east and west of 180 degreelongitude.• If this line passes through the land, two different days will be experienced inthe same land area.

6.Each country considers a particular longitude as a standard meridian for acommon time, Why?

Hint-Each longitude has a different local time. If different places within a countryhave different times, it may cause confusions and problems. Therefore thelongitudinal line passing through the centre of the country, is considered standard meridian. The Local time at the standard meridian is the standard time of thatcountry.

7.How much is the time required for the Indian territory to move past the sun ?

Hint-• The time required to pass 1 0 longitude is 4 minutes.• The time required to pass 30 degree 30 x 4 = 120 minutes or 2 hours

8.What change should be made in the calendar for travellers crossing theinternational line towards west?

(a) increase a day (b) 12 hours increase (c) reduce one day (d) None of these

Hint(a) Increase a day

9.Why is the Greenwich Line called the Prime Meridian?

Hint:Time anywhere in the world is calculated based on the Greenwich Line.

Find the longitude of the place in the Eastern Hemisphere with a time differenceof 7 hours from the Greenwich time?

Hints:One degree longitude = 4 minutes15 degrees = 1 hour15 x 7 = 1050east

19.Geetha and Gopu moved 100 eastward and westward respectively, What is thetime difference between these two places?

Hints-The longitudinal difference between them is 10 degrees + 10 degrees = 20degrees.10 (degree) longitude has a time difference of 4 minutes.20 x 4 = 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes)Time difference 1.20 Hours

Write a phenomena that occur on the earth due to the tilt of axis ?

Hints:-Apparent movement of the sun / climactic change /variation in temperature

21.A man started traveling westward from India on wednesday at 8 am and reached Newyork after 10 hours. calculate the time at Newyork then?

Hints-India – New York Longitudinal Difference =821D 2 degrees+ 74 degrees = 1561D2 degreesTime difference = 156 1/2 x 4 = 626 minutes(10 hours and 26 minutes)Time at Newyork when it is 8 am Wednesday (IST)=8 amWednesday-10 hour 26 minutes =9.34 pm TuesdayTime at Newyork after 10 hours= 9.34 pm Tuesday + 10 hours = 7.34 amWednesday

22.Which of the following days is winter solstice?

(a. September 23b. March 21c. December 22d. June 21)

Key c. December 22

Which of the following statement is false?

a. Earth rotates from west to east.b.Earth takes 24 hours to complete one rotation.c. In one hour, the sun passes over 4° longitudes.d.The sun rises in the east.

Hint-c. In one hour,the sun passes over 4° longitudes.

14.Name the two transitional seasons between summer and winter?Hint- Spring and Autumn

15.Identify the season during which the plants shed their leaves?a.winterb.springc.summer d.autumn


Hints- d.autumn16.Which among the following statements is not related to longitude?a.Time calculation.b.Time zonesc.The value increases poleward.Hints:c. The value increases poleward.


What is the season in Southern Hemisphere when summer is in NorthernHemisphere?

A) Spring B) Autumn C) Winter

2.Find the correct order of the seasons given below

A) Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

B) Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter

C) Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn3.

What time is it at 1 Degree west when it is 1 PM on Zero degree longitude

4.Explain – Local time, Greenwich Mean Time and International Date Line

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