1. Which is the most important constituent of state which distinguishes it from other institutions? An: Sovereignty

2. Which element of the state has two dimensions? An: Sovereignty

3. Who is known as the father of political science? An: Aristotle

4. Name the Greek philosophers who considered the primary duty of a state is to provide better life to its citizens. An: Plato and Aristotle

5. Which is the most acceptable theory of the evolution of the state? An:Evolutionary Theory

6. Name the first book which makes a comprehensive analysis of state.

An: Politics by Aristotle

7.Write the origin of politicsAn: The word politics was derived from the Greek word ‘Polis’which means ‘city state’

8.What are the equal rights one get through citizenship?

An: Right to vote, Right to contest election, Right to form organization,Right to criticize government etc.

9.Modern states are formed on the basis of a common nationalityare known as…………………

An:Nation state

10.What is the importance of study political science?

Political science helps to imparting knowledge of the state.

Political science helps to imparting knowledge of thegovernment and administration.

It helps to imparting knowledge of the world politics.s

Creating democratic values and good citizenship.

It helps to develop civic consciousness among the commonpeople

11.What are the different forms of the government?

An: Monarchy,despotic rule,democracy,military etc.

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