Kerala pareeksha bhavan conducts sslc examination in every march.Time table of sslc examination will be published soon.Each subject have equal importance.So every students must be note down sslc social science syllabus 2023 examination,that is given below.In scert sslc social science syllabus,some topics have more value,must be gave more importance than other topics that topics known as focus area topics in sslc social science syllabus

TextbookSCERT Based
ClassClass 10,Standard 10
SubjectSocial Science 1
CategoryKerala sslc
Tagssslc,kerala sslc,sslc social,
social syllabus
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SSLC Social science syllabus 2023

  1. Revolutions that Influenced the World
  2. World in the twentieth Century
  3. Public administration
  4. British exploitation and Resistance
  5. Culture and Nationalism
  6. Struggle and Freedom
  7. India after Independence
  8. Kerala Towards Modernity
  9. The State and political science

Important topic list sslc social Chapter based

  • Revolutions that Influenced the World
    • The American War Of Independence
    • the French Revolutionthe
    • Russian Revolution
  • World in the twentieth Century
    • Causes Of The First World War
    • Mussolini And Fascism
    • Hitler and Nazism
    • Non-Aligned Movement: An Alternative To Bipolar Bloc
  • Public administration
    • Public Administration
    • Significance Of Public Administration
    • Features Of Bureaucracy.
    • Indian Civil Service
  • British exploitation and Resistance
    • Impact Of The British Policies
    • Kurichya Revolt
    • First War Of Indian Independence, 1857
  • Culture and Nationalism
    • Education for the Nation
    • Nationalism in Art
  • Struggle and Freedom
    • •Early Struggles of Mahatma Gandhi in India
    • Non-cooperation and the Khilafat Movements
    • Poorna Swaraj
    • Civil Disobedience
  • India after Independence
    • Integration of Princely States
    • Space Research in India
    • Foreign Policy
    • Panchsheel Principles
  • Kerala Towards Modernity
    • Early Resistances against the
    • British Reform Movements and Social Changes
    • National Movement and Women
  • The State and political science
    • Functions of a State Theories on the origin of state
    • Citizenship Civic Consciousness SS1-10
  • How can we foster civic consciousness?
    • Challenge faced by civic consciousness
    • Sociology : What? Why?
    • The early social science thinkers Methods of study in sociology

Weightage marks according to previous sslc Question paper

  • Revolutions that Influenced the World-5-10
  • World in the twentieth Century – 5to 10 marks
  • Public administration -3to6marks
  • British exploitation and Resistance 5to8 marks
  • Culture and Nationalism 2to5 marks
  • Struggle and Freedom 3to8 marks
  • India after Independence 3-8 marks
  • Kerala Towards Modernity 3-8 marks
  • The State and political science 2-5marks

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